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    The development of Linux devices on 11-Parts software blocks

    11-Parts has a large collection of software blocks that can be used in all types of Linux-based devices.

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    Acceleration and price reduction

    The advantage is obvious.

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    Many ready blocks

    Finished blocks are improving, being thoroughly tested, and only then updated. With each new project, the number of new blocks increases with the capabilities of 11-Parts.

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Contract development of electronic devices with the help of 11-Parts blocks.

This project allows you to significantly speed up, reduce the cost, and improve the quality of contract development through 11-Parts’ ready cross-platform software solutions.


We specialize in the development of::

network devices

routers, gateways, VoIP intercoms, VoIP telephony, server systems, network converters, network audio devices, storage devices, monitoring and control devices

telemetry and metrology devices

measuring equipment, metrological probes, navigation systems

remote monitoring and remote control systems

smart home, remote control of a country house, car systems

audio devices

intercommunication devices (intercoms), analog and digital paging devices

media systems

conference communication, control panels, display, intercoms, advertising panels

video surveillance systems

IP cameras, IP video servers, IP intercoms, control systems, object recognition systems, video-eyes

security, fire prevention and access control systems

Control units for turnstiles, gates and barriers, access control systems, fire-prevention systems, security alarms

laboratory electronics

devices for scientific research and testing, laboratory work, experiments in any scientific field

For the evaluation and testing out of 11-Parts, we recommend you to purchase a demo kit.


On the portfolio tab you can see our projects. For the purposes of customer confidentiality, not all projects are posted in the section.


What we are ready to carry out:

Development of the device.

According to your task, we will develop a device using tested solutions.

The manufacture of a batch of devices including their development

Sign a contract for the supply of completed devices. Within the specified period, we will develop, produce, and ship the required batch.

The integration of 11-Parts software solutions into a third-party project

We are ready to embed 11-parts solutions into a Linux distribution of a third-party project, to save the customer’s time and resources. Using our product, the customer will focus on their tasks and will not be distracted by other details.

The integration of your project into the 11-Parts medium

We provide a Linux distribution that includes 11-Parts, and is modified for the project, to save the customer’s time and resources.
Using our product, the customer will focus on their tasks and will not be distracted by other details.

Send us your technical task and/or requests in free form. Within 3 days we will give you an answer on the pricing and terms.


Significant development acceleration

Money savings

Risk reduction in development

Expert development assistance


Demo kit for the evaluation of 11-Parts.

The demo kit is designed to evaluate and test 11-Parts. Purchase the kit for a symbolic price,…

$ 50$-80$

Integration of 11-parts in the project of the customer

In cases of a lack of resources or time constraints, we are willing to add 11-Parts to third-…

$ 2,990$-3,990$

Development, manufacturing of the device

We will develop and, if needed, manufacture any device based on Linux OS within a shorter time…

$ 1,900$-2,900$

Integration of customer software in 11-Parts

Usually, a simple idea pulls after itself a layer of other functionality, without which the…

$ 2,390$-3,390$


email: info@11-parts.com
office: more
phone: +7 (812) 6480317