Demo kit for the evaluation of 11-Parts.


The demo kit is designed to evaluate and test 11-Parts. Purchase the kit for a symbolic price, evaluate the capabilities of the Linux device designer using the router as an example yourself.

The demo is made in the form of a full-fledged router, you can use it as:
- a WiFi access point
- a 4G access point
- VPN server
- VPN client
- WiFi (client)
- Ethernet gateway

Key features of the demo kit

several languages

it supports Russian and English

several user groups

There are only two groups in this demo, admin and user. The admin can change the password of any user, change any settings and perform updates. The user can only view the content.

protection from entering incorrect data into the WEB

All input parameters are controlled for compliance with the format. In case of an error, the system will not allow the setting to be applied, it will indicate the erroneous field and will prompt what to correct.

fully dynamic WEB interface, with two way communication

The client (WEB interface in the browser) and the server (device) are in constant communication. Any activity can be initiated by both the server and the client.

The server data is displayed in real time.

update via the web

The update includes checking the firmware for accuracy and checking for integrity. The update process will retain some network settings, the total device lifetime, the serial number, and the MAC address.

WiFi, 4G, USB-Ethernet support 

WiFi (AP and client modes), 4G, Ethernet and USB-Ethernet network devices via USB are supported.

The router supports the following USB network devices:

  • USB WiFi modems on RTL8192EU, RTL8812AU,
  • some 4G / 3G modems (we recommend modems on the ME909s-120 chip),
  • USB-Ethernet on the LAN9514 chip.
reservation of WAN channels (several channels for Internet access)

With the help of the network designer, you can determine the main and backup WAN devices to which the router switches when the Internet or a connection is lost.
In addition, you can choose which devices fall into the bridge, meaning they will not be part of the WAN, but will still be able to use it through NAT.

HTTPS / HTTP protocol support

HTTPS allows you to organize a secure connection.

DHCP support

DHCP is used in two modes. In server mode, for distributing IP addresses and in client mode, for obtaining IP addresses.

NTP support

NTP allows you to synchronize time.

SNMP v1 / 2 support

SNMP allows you to remotely manage and monitor the status of the router.

VPN support (server and client)
The router supports an OpenVPN server, for organizing its own virtual networks and 3 types of VPN clients for connecting to existing OpenVPN-based servers, L2TP, L2TP / IPSEC.
firewall support

Firewall will protect the network from intruders.

redirect (port forwarding and DMZ)

To access the device from the local network via the Internet, it is usually necessary to set up port redirection or DMZ.

logs display

The online display of various logs including system logs and all types of VPN is supported. 

status display in the form of graphs and fields

In the "status" section, graphs of network bandwidth, processor loading, RAM, and a display of detailed information about the operation and status of each network device are built.

hot plug/play of all network devices (plug n play)

When connecting or disconnecting modems, the router begins to rebuild sections and pages simultaneously for all connected users, at the same time raising and adjusting the interface if it has been configured.

support of simultaneous operation of up to 8 network devices

supports up to 2 WiFi modems, up to 3 4G modems and up to 3 Ethernet devices at the same time.

The router supports the following USB network devices:

  • USB WiFi modems on RTL8192EU, RTL8812AU,
  • some 4G / 3G modems (we recommend modems on a ME909s-120 chip),
  • USB-Ethernet on a LAN9514 chip.
factory reset

It may be necessary if you accidentally enter incorrect values, for example, an IP address from a nonexistent subnet.

resistance to sudden power failure

The router is resistant to sudden power outages, due to the well thought-out storage architecture. Each configuration is stored in several copies, and regularly checked.




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