Integrated climate control system for warehouse

The system makes it possible to control hydrometeorological parameters of hangars (up to 4).
During the operation, humidity, temperature, analysis of numerous sensors, heating, cooling and interaction with other actuators are being controlled, more than 50 parameters in total per hangar.

The system has a touch (capacitive multi-touch) screen and WEB interface. The panel interface is based on QT. The WEB interface repeats QT interface parameters.

The system supports connection of up to 10 remote panels for control through the network, the information on the panels changes synchronously, in addition, the system has an OpenVPN client for data protection and work in any networks with Internet access.

The core of the system is a module based on imx6Q, ADAKTA-mx6.

11-parts participation.

The heart of the whole system is a lightweight 11-parts server that interacts with the microcontroller, providing hard real-time and front-ends on QT and WEB. On the server side, there is a state store in the json object format, which automatically packs data into the microcontroller protocol each time they are changed by the front-end or the server, and vice versa.
State store allows to achieve the proper abstraction layer for frontends, backward compatibility, the ability to save/unload states without additional logic, remote interaction using a compatible protocol.

MQTT is used for frontend interaction. Additionally, the WEB interface:

  • allows real-time interaction with the microcontroller via a server using MQTT. The interface allows to change/display numerous hydrometeorological parameters.
  • has a remote update ability,
  • supports factory reset,
  • allows you to add/remove operators,
  • has protection against invalid data entry,
  • allows you to configure MQTT exchange,
  • possible to upload the event/data log,
  • possible to configure the network,
  • allows you to configure OpenVPN,
  • supports Russian and English languages,
  • has a standard set of tabs such as time setting, NTP, login, password change, reset, console, etc.,


In addition to the WEB interface, the system comes with a powerful backend, which:

  • is responsible for supporting Ethernet network, including routing configuration,
  • is responsible for configuring the firewall,
  • records event log and meteorological data in a special format with data loss protection during power outages,
  • implements control logic based on a lightweight multithreaded server,
  • implements a web server,
  • supports factory reset by clicking a button,
  • saves all changes and configuration in automatic mode with double redundancy, with protection against data loss during power outages,
  • has a solution for automated firmware of serial numbers and MAC addresses during production, in a separate memory area,
  • interacts with frontend via MQTT

The backend was implemented jointly with Adakta LLC.
In addition, a distribution kit has been created using the 11-parts project builder for eMMC drives with squashfs and ext4 partitions. The 11-parts project builder enabled the creation of an image that is compatible with the upgrade system and has increased reliability due to its architecture.
The distribution kit is based on the yocto assembly.

Hardware specifications

  • CPU module - ADAKTA-mx6;
  • Motherboard with sensors and actuators

We are ready to modify or completely alter the software of the device according to the customer's requirements, write us your requirements and we will give an answer regarding the dates and cost within 1-2 days.


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