11-Parts demonstration kit

For the evaluation of 11-Parts, we recommend using the demo kit.

With its help, you can evaluate some of the most popular software blocks, think about the future design, understand whether the approach will suit you.


The kit will help with writing technical specifications, and with the emergence of new ideas.
The cost of the kit does not exceed $80 in industrial performance (-40- + 85), delivery is available to any country in the world, the time and cost are negotiated separately.


If delivery is not possible or significantly complicates the process, we are willing to provide access via the internet to a working set for 24 or 48 hours.


The demo is made in the form of a full-fledged router, you can use it as:
- a WiFi access point
- a 4G access point
- VPN server
- VPN client
- WiFi (client)
- Ethernet gateway.

More detailed information about the demo here.


11-parts is constantly improving and its functionality is constantly increasing, so we provide regular updates to all customers who have purchased the kit. In addition, the kit is supported by Yocto distribution, with which the customer can develop an application on their own.


WEB styling
The WEB interface engine has flexible styling that allows you to create the necessary design according to the wishes of the customer. Below is an example of an interface of a project with a redesigned style.


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