Development, manufacturing of the device

only part "11-parts"

We will develop and, if needed, manufacture any device based on Linux OS within a shorter time and for a lower cost, using readymade solutions of 11-Parts.


Development using 11-Parts will help avoid a number of problems; since the code has been repeatedly tested on different projects, ready-made blocks eliminate deadline failures, and the refinement and extension of the functionality is simplified due to the engineered API engine and/or ready-made blocks.


11-Parts is a successful symbiosis of knowledge, experience and resources, which works according to the following scheme: the customer interacts with the developer, and the developer uses our product.

The customer can choose any developer themselves (not necessarily an 11-Parts partner, it can be any company or individual), or you can leave this task to us.

We are willing to manufacture the developed product. The customer will be required to specify the number of devices and the date of shipment, and the cost of the element base and production will be itemized in the estimate.


Send us a technical task and/or your requests in free form, and within 3 days we will give you an answer on the pricing and terms.




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