4K V-By-One Industrial Display Controller Control Board

The board controls the 4K display video controller remotely via Ethernet (through web interface or SNMP protocol) or locally via the keyboard.

The board is designed based on ADAKTA-mx6ull-m22i (imx6ull chip) module, which controls the ready-made realtek module with HDMI and DP input and V-by-one output.


11-parts participation

The device comes with a WEB interface that:

  •  enables real-time controlling of the main display parameters, such as brightness, contrast, color temperature, and more,
  •  has a remote update ability,
  •  supports factory reset,
  •  has three groups of users with different access and control rights,
  •  has protection against invalid data entry,
  •  allows to switch the signal source,
  •  has the ability to upload the log,
  •  supports SNMP control and monitoring of version 1, 2 and 3, including traps sending by event or interval,
  • synchronously displays the SNMP or touch buttons-side settings change


In addition to the WEB interface, the system comes with a powerful backend, which:

  • is responsible for supporting Ethernet network, including routing configuration,
  • is responsible for configuring the firewall,
  • records the log,
  • implements the basic logic of interaction using SNMP packets,
  • implements a web server,
  • supports factory reset by clicking a button,
  • saves all changes and configuration in automatic mode with double redundancy, with protection against data loss during power outages, 
  • has a solution for automated firmware of serial numbers and MAC addresses during production, in a separate memory area.


Part of the backend was implemented jointly with Adakta LLC.


In addition, a distribution kit has been created using the 11-parts project builder for NAND drives with ubifs partitions. The 11-parts project builder enabled the creation of an image that is compatible with the upgrade system and has increased reliability due to its architecture.
The distribution kit is based on the yocto assembly.

Hardware specifications


  • Main CPU: NXP iMX6ull;
  • DDR3: 255 MByte;
  • NAND: 256MByte;
  • Supports 4K resolution
  • SPI NOR flash 1 MByte (for storing the bootloader);
  • SD card: included (microSD, upgrade/memory, optional);
  • 1x DisplayPort inpute
  • 1x LVDS output (dual-channel);
  • 1 x BACKLIGHT (power and control of the matrix backlight);
  • 1 x FUSE (external fuse connection);
  • 1 x Ethernet (10/100Mbit);
  • 1 x USB OTG (miniUSB, optional);
  • Power supply: 24 V;
  • Web interface: included (configuration and management, information:  lifelength, chip/board temperature, etc.);
  • Download/work indication: included;
  • Brightness/contrast settings, etc.: included (via menu, Web interface or SNMP);
  • Mounting: in the case;
  • Overall board dimensions: 85 x 65 mm.

We are ready to modify or completely alter the software of the device according to the customer's requirements, write us your requirements and we will give an answer regarding the dates and cost within 1-2 days.


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