VPN gateway

The device provides remote Internet-based access to network devices and private network resources.

Examples of specific tasks:

  • a country house has IP cameras connected to a 4g router, you need to access them through a WEB browser or an app for iOS or Android.
  • remote configuration of equipment in the enterprise is required, and network configuration is not available or requires long-term coordination with management,
  • access to network at home/work or office is required, but there is no static IP,
  • secure encrypted access at home/work or office is required, no data leakage allowed,
  • remote debugging of Linux devices located in the fields, through an unsupervised network with Internet access, for example using ftp and ssh protocols,
  • remote access to the network is required, and to change the equipment to the same, but with VPN support makes no sense,

To solve the above problems, all you need to do is just connect a VPN gateway to the router and configure it using the software configuration assistant to a pre-selected server.

11-parts participation.

The device has a WEB interface that:

  • has a remote update ability,
  • supports factory reset,
  • has a wizard for easy and quick setup. The setup is in on-line mode, the user does not have to be a tech-savvy expert in network technologies,
  • allows you to configure the client's VPN,
  • has a standard set of tabs such as time setting, NTP, login, password change, reset, console, etc.,
  • supports Russian and English languages,
  • supports setting up WiFi, 4G, Ethernet networks
  • Additionally, the system has a backend, which:
  • is responsible for supporting Ethernet, WiFi, 4G networks, including routing configuration and switching between interfaces
  • is responsible for configuring the firewall,
  • implements a web server,
  • supports factory reset by clicking a button,
  • saves all changes and configuration in automatic mode with double redundancy, with protection against data loss during power outages,
  • has a solution for automated firmware of serial numbers and MAC addresses during production, in a separate memory area,


Hardware specifications

  • Main CPU: Allwinner;
  • DDR2: 64MByte;
  • SPI NOR flash 1 MByte (for storing the bootloader);
  • WiFi modem (optional),
  • built-in connector for 4G modem (optional),
  • LEDs for status display,
  • Factory reset button,
  •  5V power supply

We are ready to modify or completely alter the software of the device according to the customer's requirements, write us your requirements and we will give an answer regarding the dates and cost within 1-2 days.


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