How we work

Our main function is the creation of a software system for developing devices for Linux for contract and full-time developers..


The development of devices with the use of 11-Parts, including their production, is carried out by our partners - contract developers, whom we are in close collaboration with.


In addition, we are willing to check estimates, construct the correct questions, resolve disputes, provide consultations and give an expert assessment, since we have extensive experience in this field.


The way we work is as follows:
1. The customer contacts us with a request.
2. Together, with the customer, we choose a developer. By default, we offer developers whom we work closely with. If the selected team does not suit the customer, we select a different one.
3. Within 3 days, the developer goes over technical issues with his team, then sends a rough estimate.
4. Within a few days, the final estimates and technical details are agreed upon with the customer.
5. The customer signs a contract with the developer. The developer then signs a contract with 11-Parts. After doing so, the developer takes full legal responsibility for the project.
6. Within 1-3 weeks, 11-Parts provides the developer with a software solution. Simultaneously with the refinement of 11-Parts (for the project), the developer begins to do his part.
7. Next, the developer submits the project to the customer and signs the act.


Since in practice our part occupies 50-70% of all the work, and the development of 11-Parts is conducted simultaneously with the work of the development team, the customer saves money and time.


In addition, 11-Parts provides a warrantee for the developed solutions of one to 50 years.


Developer Collaboration

We are open to cooperating with developers and teams that include both individuals and legal entities.

Significant development acceleration

Money savings

Risk reduction in development

Expert development assistance

Replacing the display on the WEB

Multifunctional WEB interface

Demo kits

Customization for the customer

Many finished blocks

Support of a multitude of network interfaces


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phone: +7 (812) 6480317