Line control system

The line control system is built on the latest electronic base and meets the high requirements for fault tolerance.

The heart of the system is imx6ull ADAKTA-mx6ull-m22i chip module.

Line control and system configuration is carried out through the web interface.

The system allows remote control of such sensors as: resistive, pulse counter, open collector, etc., with event logging. Expansion boards with sensors are connected to the main board via RS485 interface, MODBUS protocol.

11-parts participation

The first version of the software was implemented in record time - in just 1 month, the system got a high-tech WEB interface that:

  • allows real-time control of lines and display the status of sensors, - has a remote update ability,
  • supports factory reset,
  • allows you to add/remove operators,
  • has protection against invalid data entry,
  • allows to configure exchange between expansion boards via MODBUS,
  • has the ability to upload a log with 1 million records,
  • fully exclusive design

In addition to the WEB interface, the system comes with a powerful backend, which:

  • is responsible for supporting Ethernet network, including routing configuration,
  • is responsible for configuring the firewall,
  • records the sensor log in a special format with data loss protection during power outages,
  • implements the line control logic using the remote control, including arming and disarming, implements the calculation of device operating time, etc. on the basis of a lightweight multithreaded server,
  • supports factory reset by clicking a button,
  • saves all changes and configuration in automatic mode with double redundancy, with protection against data loss during power outages,
  • has a solution for automated firmware of serial numbers and MAC addresses during production, in a separate memory area,
  • interacts with sensors through expansion boards using MODBUS-RTU,
  • implements a web server


Part of the backend was developed jointly with Adakta LLC.


In addition, a distribution kit has been created using the 11-parts project builder for NAND drives with ubifs partitions. The 11-parts project builder enabled the creation of an image that is compatible with the upgrade system and has increased reliability due to its architecture.

The distribution kit is based on the yocto assembly.


Hardware specifications

Central unit:

  • CPU module - ADAKTA-mx6ull-m22i;
  • 1x Ethernet RJ45 10/100Base-T + PoE;
  • 1x USB Host, USB-A;
  • 1x USB Device, miniUSB;
  • 1x Reset button;
  • 1x Factory reset button;
  • 1xLED power supply indication;
  • 1x LED (bi-color) line control;
  • 1x MMC/SD MicroSD card slot (optional);
  • 1x Console UART;
  • 1x CR2032 battery for real time clock;
  • 8x Line control "ADC (resistive)" or "Pulse Counter";
  • 1x Dry contact input (chassis opening control);
  • 1x Remote keyboard connector (with power supply);
  • 2x Dry contact output connector (relay);
  • 10x Connector for expansion unit (RS485);
  • 1x Device address selection connector;
  • •2x Audible alarm sounder on the line;
  •  Board power - 12 V / PoE.

Expansion unit:

  • CPU:  STM32F100C4T6B;
  • 1xLED power supply indication;
  • 8x Line control "ADC (resistive)" or "Pulse Counter";
  • 2x Connector for expansion unit and RS485 line;
  • 1x Device address selection connector;
  • 12 V power supply.

Keyboard unit:

  • CPU:  STM32F100C4T6B;
  • 1xLED power supply indication;
  • 20x Buttons for setting lines for control;
  • 20xLED indicator;
  • 1x Connector for RS485 line;
  • 1x Device address selection connector;
  •  The board of 12 V is powered through connection module to the central unit.

We are ready to modify or completely alter the software of the device according to the customer's requirements, write us your requirements and we will give an answer regarding the dates and cost within 1-2 days.


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