About the 11-Parts project

pinguin gamesThe platform includes the most necessary and highly demanded components used in any Linux applications and consists of many ready solutions, among which the most significant are:
- user interface designer with the use of advanced WEB technologies,
- network manager with the support of various network devices, protocols and services,
- multifunctional and secure updates,
- a firmware builder that allows you to integrate 11-Parts into
  ready-made distributions, and create your own,
- a built-in server for combining all the components into a single structure and for the realization of resource-intensive real-time tasks,
- a multitude of ready-made software blocks inherited from other projects.

11-parts implements a certain work logic that provides the project with cross-platform ability, flexibility and scalability.


By choosing us, the customer will save money, time, receive a warranty, and a high-tech scalable system with a reserve for the future. The cost and development time will be less than in the contract developer company.


Let’s see why.


Almost all devices require network support, support for various protocols, updates, user interface, a reset to factory settings, factory presets, the logging and uploading of logs, remote control of the device, etc.


With the help of 11-Parts, in one week (if the project is not very complicated), the customer will receive a high-tech WEB interface, a quality software update, support for all network devices, remote access via VPN and much more.


Development from scratch of what is listed above will take more than 3 man-months. 

Given the cost of $4,000-$5,000 per man-month of a Linux programmer’s work*, it isn’t difficult to calculate
a minimum of $12,000.


We offer a turnkey solution from $3000, plus project refinement which will take several days, and as a result, in 1 to 2 weeks the customer will be able to evaluate the finished result.


* - shows the cost of a programmer’s work in a contract developer’s company, taking into account wages, taxes and other overhead costs.


Innovative technologies are used

GUI WEB, PC and devices on one base

Significant development acceleration

Money savings

Risk reduction in development

Multifunctional WEB interface

Demo kits

Customization for the customer

Many finished blocks

Support of a multitude of network interfaces


email: info@11-parts.com

telegramm: @develinux
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