System for analyzing the concentration of harmful substances in water

The product has a complex logic, consists of a single-board computer, many sensors, a controlled power supply and an external controller.

Sensors and mechanisms are connected to the controller.
The brain center of the system is a single-board computer with software based on 11-parts.

The software supports remote access using the WEB interface and VPN.
Additionally, the system is equipped with a touch panel for control using a graphical client.

In the process of work, recording is carried out in 5 databases, maintaining 2 logs and mathematical calculations, in case of an accident or exceeding the concentration, messages are sent to email.
The system supports 4G modem as a backup Ethernet channel.


11-parts participation
A software for a single-board computer has been developed, which includes:
- Highly reliable Linux build with u-boot bootloader, resistant to sudden power shutdown,
- complex WEB interface with displaying graphs and numerous parameters, with support for managing the entire system.
- integrated client for control via the touch panel, partially repeating WEB
- server for interacting with external devices

Additionally WEB interface:

- has the ability to build graphs in real time or with unloading from the database for a period
- has the ability to remotely update,
- Supports factory reset,
- supports access of several user groups, for each group its own screen,
- has protection against entering incorrect data,
- has the ability to download logs and databases,
- has the ability to configure Ethernet and 4G networks,
- allows you to configure OpenVPN,
- supports cloning of configurations,
- interacts with emulators of external devices,
- displays messages and allows you to view logs in real time
- has a standard set of tabs, such as time setting, NTP, change login password, reset, console, etc.
- allows you to create groups for sending reports, events, alarms, etc. by email.

In addition to the WEB interface, the system received a powerful backend, which:

- responsible for maintaining the Ethernet network, including setting up routing,
- responsible for configuring the firewall,
- keeps a log of events and meteorological data in a special format with protection against data loss in the event of a power supply outage
- implements control logic based on a lightweight multi-threaded server,
- implements a WEB server,
- emulates the operation of external devices for debugging,
- performs calculations according to algorithms, writes logs and adds data to the database,
- Supports factory reset by pushing a button,
- saves all changes and settings in automatic mode with double redundancy, with protection against data loss in the event of a power supply outage
- has a solution for automatic flashing of serial numbers and MAC addresses during production, in a separate memory area, interacts with the frontend via MQTT
- exchanges data with the controlled power supply and the controller via the MODBUS protocol


In addition, using the 11-part project builder, a distribution was created for eMMC drives with squashfs and ext4 partitions. The 11-part project designer has created an upgrade-compatible image that is more robust thanks to its architecture.
The distribution is based on the arch linux build

11-parts is ready to modify or completely redo the device software, write your wishes to


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