Expert development assistance

Typical device development problems are often associated with a lack of experts or resources.


Typically, companies that are working on their own developments are employed with C/C++ programmers, since this is a universal language that is best suited for embedded systems. When a task arrises associated with the WEB, updates, Linux system, programming, or administration, not every C/C++ programmer is capable of solving it quickly and efficiently. 


Or a different situation: experts and competent specialists are sufficient, but they are all very busy, and the deadlines are very tight.


Our partners, with the help of 11-Parts, are ready to fill gaps, provide resources and solve the problem.


Significant development acceleration

Money savings

Risk reduction in development

Expert development assistance

Replacing the display on the WEB

Multifunctional WEB interface

Demo kits

Customization for the customer

Many finished blocks

Support of a multitude of network interfaces


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