Our partners

Located here is a list of verified companies and freelancers who can complete development using 11-Parts.

Before choosing, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the portfolios and possibilities of the contract developers.

If the development has very tight deadlines, or if the project is very complicated, contact a company, otherwise, the freelancer is a good choice.

In case of difficulty choosing, please contact us, and we will prompt the correct solution.


Developer Collaboration

We are open to cooperation with developers and teams, including individuals and legal entities. 

ADAKTA company

The "ADAKTA" company performs the whole range of services in contract development and industrial design of electronics.

9 years
development of any device.
Completed projects:
more than 60

Freelancer BMX666

More than 8 years of experience in developing clientserver, system software, and kernel modules under Linux OS

8 years
Linux, C++, Android
Completed projects:
more than 10

Freelancer Trotill

11-Parts development of highly reliable and complex Linux devices for any application

12 years
Linux, C++
Completed projects:
more than 15

Fantasy Lab

Development of electronics, instruments and devices to order.

10 years
Development of circuitry, PCB design, 3D modeling of cases
Completed projects:
more than 5


email: info@11-parts.com
office: more
phone: +7 (812) 6480317